Nov 11, 2005

Fierce Friday Flatulent Flabbergasted Flashback

Let me just tell you right now that Fridays in this office suck.  On ice.  Out loud.
And it's not the people, don't get me wrong.  We've already made fantastic headway in getting rid of the garbage, and quite frankly the morale in here is higher than I have ever seen at ANY job, much less higher than it has ever been here.  Things are great, the office is ticking along, and I've actually got time again to blog, we're that slow in here.  Because it's Friday.  AND because it's Armistice Day.  And because we're in the medical field on a Friday.
Did I mention what day it was?
So this morning my daughter didn't have school, so I slept in late, had a nice leisurely shower, and had a lovely bowl of oatmeal.  I've been eating oatmeal a lot in the mornings, in the hopes that my veins will be clearer and my overall fiberous outlook will improve.  Did I mention I had oatmeal this morning?  This FRIDAY morning?
It's bad in here.  Fridays are always slow, because most of the doctor's offices in town either close pretty early or they close at noon, because this is a small town, and if you're gonna get sick you damned well better be getting sick on a Monday, because if you get hit by a speeding beer truck on Friday afternoon chances are very good that the hospital is going to have to call your doctor to come back from his swimming pool and his tennis courts and he's going to have to drive his brand new Jaguar S-class convertible all the way back to the clinic and he's gonna be pissed.
And since we're in home health here, a lot of our work comes from doctors, their medical orders, and their referrals.  So when the doctor's offices are closed we might as well be, because we fo sho ain't struggling in here.
The highlight of the day was changing the water bottle on the cooler.  It's that bad in here.
Adrenaline Junkie and I spent a fruitful quarter hour or so sitting in Vulgar Wizard's offce chatting.  It's that bad.  I was just getting comfortable in VW's doorway when AJ had to head out to one of our outlying huge metropolitan complexes for lunch with a friend in need of support.  I hope he can find someone out there other than a gas station who serves food.  And he'll be lucky if it isn't hog trotters and potatoe logs.
VW and I are planning an after-work trip to Tar-jay for some pre-season Christmas shopping.  Should be interesting.  It'll certainly be more interesting than sitting here wondering how long I can drag out the filing.  *lol*


Anonymous said...

only a quarter hour? that's nothing. It's Friday....AND my last day at this job. Can you say I got NOTHING done....okay, I helped otu the guy who's taking over my experiments. That took all of 15 minutes. I've been here 4 hours. You do the math.

Vulgar Wizard said...

Uhm, the highlight of your day was actually watching me do the Roger Rabbit to Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice, Baby." Word.