Nov 24, 2005

Happy Unbirthday

Having realised that everyone in the entire blogosphere who is online has wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving, I now take my stand against it and shall not wish anyone anything about Turkey Day. So, Happy Unbirthday!

My wife is futzing around in the kitchen. I was, in point of fact, driven from said kitchen just an hour or so ago, as she is trying to prepare some dishes for the festivities at my brother's house for lunch and at her Mum's house for supper. All I wanted to do was borrow the sink for a few minutes to clean the little worms and icky stuff out of the bird feeders, but no, I was relegated to the yard with a water hose and a stern admonition not to set foot in the house again today.


So the bird feeders are clean and drying, ready to be refilled and rehung on the front porch, so while I waited I figured I'd go to BlogClicker and earn some traffic by surfing other people's blogs, and I got utterly disgustipated. Every blog I came across was either politics or advertising for something else, and the blogs that were about something were telling me Happy Thanksgiving and Save The Crested Gilla Monster and Why I'm Goth And Depressed, so I figured I'd come blog a little bit.

It's lovely cool outside, around 55 or so. Windows are open and there's a wonderous breeze blowing.


Childhood memories anyone? Anyone who has been a child has, no doubt, had their shot at the mixing bowl. Mom or Dad or someone is in the kitchen preparing a pie or cake or muffins, and you're standing there with your cheeks all sucked in and the Puppy Dog Eyes cranked up to 1000 watts, and you've got your stomach all sucked in so you look anemic, and suddenly, without warning, you're handed a bowl and a spatula or a spoon or if you're really lucky a pair of beaters off the mixer all covered in sugar and eggs and flour, and you're sent to the table to enjoy the wealth.

My mom did it to me, oh yeah. That's why I weigh 230 pounds right now, no doubt. Granted I'm 6'2", but still. And there's still a wonderous happiness in being handed a bowl with just a thin skim of chocolate or frosting or whatever around the inside.

Today's fare has been some kind of milk chocolate and then some dark chocolate frosting. Thanksgiving rocks!

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