Nov 21, 2005

Monday Monday,

So good to me.
It's been a day.  It's been a Monday, but it's been a strange sort of Monday, a most curiouser and curiouser sort of a Monday.  Nothing has gone really horribly wrong, like it does on most Mondays, but things have been subtly off.  Little things all day have cropped up, and even when taken together they haven't managed to set me off, but it's been one of those disquieted days. 
Most peculiar.
I think everyone has felt it today; everyone I've chatted with seems to act like they don't feel quite right.  BoBindy snapped at me this morning, Adrenaline Junkie has had a lot of decisions to make today that have left him, as one of our corporate folk called him earlier, "Director Grumpy Pants."  I even managed to get Vulgar Wizard at least a little tiffed at me, but that's nothing new.  With her upcoming wedding looming on the horizon she's been wound tight as a bowstring, and there's not a lot I can do about it, unfortunately.
At lunch I ran to the next-door city to our physical therapist's office, and of course traffic was unbearable because of a chip truck that crashed on the four-lane, causing all the traffic to slow to a rubbernecking crawl.  It was a pleasant day outside, so that helped, but when a trip that should take 30 minutes suddenly takes an hour plus, well... 
I think I'm going to go file now, it'll be safer out of the public eye.

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