Nov 22, 2005


"Death is the one thing that we are promised at birth."

It's not my line, unfortunately not OI ("Original Irrelephant,") but it's quite a poignant sentiment, and I quite like it. We spend most of our lives (and sometimes our fortunes) on staying alive forever when that is impossible, or at least it is right now. We struggle to maintain our youth, we fight to stay in the prime of health, and we even take out insurance against the one thing that will happen to us all, sooner or later.

No wonder we're so screwed up.

And no, I'm not crowing that I have somehow mastered my fear of death. I'd be a fool to say that, and you'd be a fool to believe me if I did say it. I'd like to think, though, that I've got a good grip on the fact, and that I've at least grudgingly accepted the fact. I don't have much choice in accepting it, it's going to happen whether I like it or not, but I would like to face the drawing of the curtain with some dignity, perhaps a small bow and a smile.

And don't ask me why I'm so thoughtful about death tonight. I'm not suicidal, haven't been since my teenage years. I didn't even have a near-death today. I did have a nice lunch at work, thanks to the kind auspices of Adrenaline Junkie who didn't even get to join us, and I've got my health, and my friends, and I've even got a funeral plot which my mother gifted me with a few weeks back. I've got nothing to fear but fear itself.


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