Nov 27, 2005

Phishing For Compliments

You guys must think I'm really REALLY stupid. Like "get hit by a beer truck" stupid. Mouthbreather stupid.

I refer to the phishers that sent me the following email, not once but several times over the past week. See, you guys made two critical mistakes:

1) I don't have a Chase anything, so why would they want me to correct my "account information"?

and 2) I leave as an exercise for the sharp-eyed reader. There are two glaring mistakes that I caught, as well as two less than glaring ones which are making me think that my phishers are even more stupid than they think I am. And they're errors that make this a less-than-professional business email, even if your business email administrator was a high-school football player. Well, lacrosse maybe.

Here follows the email as it arrived to me. I took out the Chase logo as I didn't want to bother with transfering pictures.


**Chase logo was here**

Dear ,

This is your official notification from Chase Bank that the service(s) listed below will be deactivated and deleted if not renewed immediately. Previous notifications have been sent to the Chase OnlineSM Contact assigned to this account. As the primary Contact, you must renew (overview) the service(s) listed below or it will be deactivated and deleted.

1. SERVICE : Chase Bank Chase OnlineSM will Bill Payment.
EXPIRATION: December 1, 2005

2. We recently reviewed your account, and suspect that your Chase OnlineSM Account may vhave been accessed by and unauthorized third party. Protecting the security of your account and of the Chase Networks is our primary concern.

Login to your Chase OnlineSM Account to verify your details. Please click on the link below to confirm your information:

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your assistance in helping us maintain the integrity of the entire Chase OnlineSM system.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
Chase Bank OnlineSM Support, N.A.
© 2005 JPMorgan Chase & Co.


Filet of phish sandwich, anyone?

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Caffeinated Mommy said...

Proofreading is a lost art that should be honed if you're going to scam or spam someone.