Nov 9, 2005

So There I Was

Yup, I've gone and done it. Opened a can of worms.

With careful looking, you can find most anything on the Internet. Most things you'd rather not know existed, but that's the joy of seeking knowledge--you get what you paid for. Or something like that.

No, what I was talking about was, more specifically, the Blogosphere, as the bloggites like to call it. I've already been introduced to Full Frontal Friday, I think it's called, in which various unsettlingly unattractive people reveal themselves to the camera and an uninterested nation, and Half Nekkid Thursdays, a spin-off in which various people take various photos of various bits of their variety and share them with various bits of the population, and now that I've discovered the evils of Audioblogging, I hereby unveil and introduce:

Talkies Tuesday, not intended to compete with Speedvision's Two Wheel Tuesdays, or Thirsty Tuesdays of a thousand radio stations. Not even NPR's Telemon Tuesdays.

Talkies Tuesdays, in which I shall pay you an audio visit. Mostly regularly.

I hope.

The thing being, I'm going to ill-advisedly start a Thing here. Gonna find an icon, a logo as it were, and start collecting bloggers from around the Blogothingie. Talkie Tuesday'ers, and we'll go check each other out every Tuesday to make sure we're all playing by the rules, of which there are none.

So mote it be.

1 comment:

Vulgar Wizard said...

I wanna do Talkies Tuesday!!!!

Oh, I know! I'll call in as RMB. That will be friggin' awesome!!!!