Nov 9, 2005

Talkies Tuesday

The ruination of movies and blogging all at once. Talkies Tuesday.

Yup, it's done now, I've gone and broke it off in there. Every Tuesday I'll do my crooked best to have a Talkies post up here for you guys, filled with my wit, my wisdom, and bits of my spleen.

The thing is this--I'm also going to start a Talkies Tuesday ring. Of sorts. Right now, since there's only Vulgar Wizard and me, all I'm gonna do is supply a .jpg image for you, and some

Talkies Tuesday Rules And Regs

  1. DO talk about Talkie Tuesday. (That's the obligatory Fight Club joke out of the way)
  2. There ain't a lot of rules.
  3. There is NO Rule 3. (And that's the obligatory Monty Python reference out of the way. I won't be mentioning poofters at any time during this post)
  4. Post a Talkie (aka an AudioBlogger post) every Tuesday, if you can.
  5. Let me know that you're using the logo and taking part, and I'll include you on the Talkies Tuesday roll over there on the right.

Funny voices are not necessary, but will add to the silliness, so if you can do a silly voice, or many, please do. And feel free to resize the mic image if you need, I've got a slightly bigger image if you want something more, well, big. All I ask is that you make the image a link to, where I will put all this as a permanent sort of link thing, and hopefully list the participants, all that guff when and if this gets off the ground.

If you need help, let me know via comment and I'll hook you up.

'Nuff said.

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