Dec 5, 2005

Deliver Me, Oh Blog

Whatta weekend. Wall-to-wall somehow, and yet very little external family was involved, and there wasn't a major holiday to be suffered through, causing otherwise fractious members of the clan to become rather loud and opinionated at each other.

The low point of the weekend was bright and early Saturday morning. We lost Dannon, the outside tomcat, and by 'lost' I don't mean he crashed an airplane on a deserted beach, nor did we misplace him in the couch cushions, only to find him months later with a mouthfull of potatoe chips and the tv remote clenched in one paw. A car got him, swiftly, sometime very early Saturday morning out in front of the house.

He never really was our cat, now that I think of it. I think he belonged to the neighbors, in that way that only an unneutered tomcat can 'belong' to someone. He was a sort of washed out peach colour, a tabby, but his coat was so mottled that he looked like a cup of peach-flavoured yoghurt, hence the name. His job seemed mainly to instigate fights among our inside cats while they were on the back patio and to father Fiona and her two sibs. Aggravating though he was, he was loved, in a way. Rest in Bast's arms, Dannon.

The rest of Saturday was a little quiet, a little subdued, but busy nonetheless. There seemed to be an extraordinarily large mountain of clothes to get through, and I spent the day washing and making sure that the cats didn't climb too far up the Xmas tree in the den. Then of course there was the post-wedding thing, Vulgar Wizard and her intended finally tied the knot, so she was on my thoughts a lot, just now starting out on that long road called 'matrimony.'

Sunday seemed to go insane. The wife woke up disgustingly bright and early and started barking house-cleaning orders before I was even out of bed. A fast shower was grabbed, I had fifteen minutes to eat a breakfast of my choice (scrounged, she was already cleaning) and off to the races. Sweeping, Swiffering, rearranging, trashbags full of things went out the door, and we went full tilt until lunchtime, at which point I think she finally decided that one of us was going to slip and brain ourselves on a freshly-washed floor or something, so the day was called on account of clean floors.

I managed to plant my three flats of petunias, too. Playing in the gardens is always refreshing to me, and I was allowed a brief stint to plant some bargain flowers I bought at Lowe's Friday night. Waiting for our tree to be bagged in that knit stocking thing they do I ended up browsing through the flowers, and found a shopping cart that was full of half-wilted plants, marked "Cart - $5." Not one to pass up a good thing, I bought it, only later realising that it contained a miraculously restrained group of petunias, all dark purple, and a pair of Gerber daisies, all in the big 6" pots. Sweet! So out to the mulch and dirt went I, to happily hand-spade and turn and stuff and pack and gloat over my good fortune. I'm still trying to build up enough guts to return and buy a few of those $5 orchids they had.

Ceiling repairs went as expected (great lungfulls of asbestos insulation dust and a repair that you might miss if the closet were dark and you weren't looking up) and I even managed to get through the poisonously large mountain of clean clothes with the unwilling help of Weerelephant, so this morning I have only a pair of only mildly wrinkled chinos, and a clean pair of socks to wear to work. Can't beat that.

Saturday afternoon was taken up with the massive cold front coming through, the rain storm that passed, and shoring up my shop roof enough that the leaking was minimal. A fast trip to to town to replace the hammer that I finally finished off, a joyous standing around in the cold, and then everyone was home again, and the disastrous yet strangely rewarding tree decorating event was launched.

And that is another post.

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