Dec 5, 2005

Double Bubble, Toil And Trouble

Having been a young boy for the past 38 years or so, I have always enjoyed bubble bum.  I have chewed more gun than I care to think of, and have fond memories of things like Big League Chew, the bubble gum that was sold in a shredded form and packed in a foil chewing-tobacco style pouch, and that horrible dry stick gum that used to come packaged with trading cards.  I had enough KISS cards to make two puzzles (each card was a puzzle piece) and enough stick gum to build a small biodome for any small mammal that had no taste for powdered sugar.
The one drawback of bubblegum, however, is it's interaction with facial hair.  Bubblegum and facial hair do not go well together, especially when my moustache is in need of a trim.  Any bubble of any size whatsoever is almost doomed to come into contact with somewhat sharp and certainly pointed moustache hairs which are disastrous on a thin, tense membrane being inflated with air.  Having a goatee to match the moustache only makes things worse, because the moustache serves to pop the just-forming bubble and the goatee serves as a capture and contain device.

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