Dec 22, 2005


In the You Should Learn Something New Every Day Department:
Did you know that the term "bohunk" is a racial slur against Chezch people?  I sure didn't.  Not that I called anyone "Bohunk" by accident, I was in fact told to call one of our nurses that when he walked in, and knowing better than to step into a trap THAT obvious I simply asked him what it meant, and while he couldn't explain it's origins he did put the stamp of approval to it being a slur, and it saved me a good beating Chezch-style beating.
So my question now becomes this, since I can't access the Internet from work: From whence does the term derrive it's offensiveness? 


Regal Monkey said...

here's a tidbit from Wikipedia...

(U.S. 1890s) a person from east-central Europe, especially a laborer (compound of Bo(hemian) + Hung(arian)).

I suppose if one is bohemian, that is considered to be a bad thing? It says the term is mostly used derrogatorily against those in a working class culture, so I guess that's where the negative connotation of bohemian comes into play.

Hope this helps--


Irrelephant said...

RM, you da bomb, and I should have taken the chutzpah to get on Wikki and look it up myself, but hey, you know how I can be. *s* Merry Xmas, dear heart, to you and yours!