Dec 9, 2005

Sweet Monkey of God

It's cold outside. 30 degrees cold. For the South, that's the equivalent of it being seventeen degrees below "Doctor, I can't feel my torso anymore."

Ever had one of those days? My focus is so out of whack that I can't even match a pair of socks this morning, and that's saying something when all you wear is argyle. My head seems to have come unbolted during the night, and some mischevous pair of elves, in exchange for a plate of cake crumbs and some watered-down iced tea came along and reattached it. Badly. Elves, you see, are metric, whereas I am SAE.

Bloody elves. Don't get me started on elves. Bloody hollow-boned things.

Did I mention that it's cold outside? Yup, we've already mentioned that.

I cannot believe it's already Friday. At work we seem to have picked up about 25 more patients, and unlike retail, where you can count heads and see that you're truly and royally screwed, this job sort of sneaks up on you. The charts quietly multiply in the Medical Records Room, and the workload increases with this slow but steady rate, sort of like an avalanche when it's still deciding if it wants to go roaring down the mountain to destroy that picturesque little Swiss village, or if it just wants to sit here a few more years and brood. Mind you I'm not complaining, far from it. I would always rather be busy that sitting on my thumbs, but I'm not used to the work sort of sneaking up on me and tapping me on the shoulder. I'm more accustomed to the big, loudly dressed onion-breath sort of work, the kind that shows up every Xmas time in a Hawaiian print shirt and coulottes, loudly demanding that someone drop everything and come help them remove their head from their anus.

So work is ticking right along, and time is flying even faster. Seems I have no time anymore to look at my desk, realise there's nothing left to do until another nurse shows up with visit notes or something, and think about what day it is, or how far it is to the weekend. No, now it's "OMG I've got to finish ALL this before OMG it's a quarter of five and OMG I've still got to log these for payroll and OMG Medical Record's door pocket is so full it looks like a kangaroo carrying a white whale in it's pouch and OMG..." etc.

It's a good feeling, but it's strange to look around and realise that it's already Friday again. And Xmas is pounding down that slope towards me, intent on destroying everything in it's path.

I really need a very large, very friendly dog carrying a very large keg of brandy right about now.


Vulgar Wizard said...

I'm sorry, Irr....

Irrelephant said...

Aaah, it's all good. The usual Xmas mood swing. *lol* Work right now is the least of my problems, I assure you. I go there to rest.