Dec 6, 2005

Talkies Tuesday - The Case Of The Second Stain

Before we get on with the strangeness, let me just say this:

"We Need Your Voice"

Can you do a passable imitation of a Swahili woman carrying two ducks? Do you kill people at parties with your 'drunk Mother Theresa falling down a well'? Can you do anything silly with your voice that makes someone (even your kids) smile? Do you have a 1978 Trans Am 5.0 that you're willing to give up cheap? If your answer to any of those questions was "uhm...maybe" then WE NEED YOUR VOICE!

It's cheap (free) it's easy (I can do it) and it's fun (honest.) All you need is a blog and a telephone. iPod people are welcome too, but since this is Talkies Tuesday then low-tech is just fine, too. Sign up for Audioblogging, call in a blog, click the Talkies Tuesday graphic on one of my posts to get the free (again with the free!) TT microphone graphic to stick in your post and you're good to go! Oh, and let us know you're with us here in La Theatre du Irrelephant so we can all enjoy.

So get up off your bum, sign up, and start tallking about it. We're dying to hear you.

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