Jan 30, 2006

Cave Barrus

And if you're up on your Latin, you might just be smiling right now.

And if you're not up on your dead ancient language skills, hopefully you're good at Googling. I'll even start you off--"cave" up there is pronounced "KA-vay."

I have been a terrible Irrelephant. Not a blog in sight for days now, skipped the entire weekend and was well on my way to missing today, too. I know, I'm a complete barstard. Too many things happening at one time, and no time to stop and sit to write a few lines.

In short?

A housewarming party for a friend on the most foul-weathered night we've had since Hurricanes Rita and Katrina came through. The house? At the ass-end of about seven consecutive dead end roads in the armpit of utterly nowhere. By the time we reached the place I was ready to reach for a shotgun and a banjo. But all's well, because it was a lovely house, it was a nice party, and I scored yet ANOTHER ivy-style cap from friends who thought I had left mine at their house. I hadn't, but since the newest black ivy cap fit, well then, I wore it. Home.

The AKC came through our tiny town this weekend, too. The Cat Fancier's Society had last week, this week it was canines abounding. It was a real blast, and I had such a wonderful surprise, which all my local friends know about because I've been babbling incessantly about it for days now. I saw, befriended, bonded with, and am likely to someday own a Borzoi, which is the new name for a Russian Wolfhound. Utterly beautiful animals, elegant as sculpture and huge big tall creatures. All because I befriended a lovely creature by the name of Jesse. Borzoi's are by nature a little stand-offish around strangers, but Jesse thought I was the greatest thing since back scratchers, and I thought he was the coolest thing since wolves quit being wolves and decided that the campfire looked awfully tempting and Neanderthal let him chew on the leftovers.

So a too-brief chat with Jesse and owner/handler/breeder Rita and one business card and one eager heart plus some good chemistry betwixt me and man's best friend seems to equal me owning one of these lovely graceful creatures at some point in the future. We'll just have to see.

And work in the vineyard, a birthday party for a cousin, housecleaning, eight piles of laundry (I do so much laundry on weekends that I have a separate pile for 'greys' and sweeping and vacuuming and in general just trying to keep the place from the rubbish bin...I don't know where the time goes, but it's sure going there fast.

Be sure and check the link at the Talkies Tuesday site, or simply check here, because I think we have yet ANOTHER Talkies Tuesday site, thanks to Mickey Glitter over at Strange Cousin Susan. Seems she's been out spreading the good news of the microphone! Way to go Mickey!

Roight. I need to do some more Borzoi research.

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