Jan 27, 2006

Dilithium Crystals My Rosy Arse

The future is here, and I want to know where my long-legged wide hipped mini-skirted personal yeoman is at, because she's late, and she dang well better be wearing a blonde beehive hairdo and tons of blue eyeshade too.

Star Trek foresaw a lot of things right, and a lot wrong. I was sitting here killing time for what seemed like forever because our corporate IT department was having difficulties getting our new router installed properly. I know I did my job right, because my job entailed unplugging two cables from the old router and plugging them back into the new router, and pulling the plug on the old one, to replace it with the new power plug. Tough stuff.

I was sitting here killing time watching the copier print out 13 colated books, copies of the On Call list for tonight and the week to come, so that all the nurses will have our patient info on hand in their cars if they're on call or if there's a need to find meds or other important info. The copier was steady shooting out pages, twenty or so a minute. We've got one of those big commerical jobs, you see. Dozens of copies at a time, colating, stapling, double sided, touchscreen, it does email, copies, faxes, everything as long as you plug in the right module. It even has that big sliding sorter on the side that weighs copies as it prints, and adjusts itself to the load while keeping count of copies made, copies to go, percent complete, and someone came in and added their copies to the ream and a half of paper that I was running, all without stopping MY copy job. Nice.

I was sitting here killing time waiting for the office to be back online and my syster sent me a few text messages and then called my cellular flip-phone, and I sat on the front step in the cool talking to her while she and her son went through Kroger's and got some milk and such. She was using their automated checkout machine when I had to get off the phone to work with the young guy at corporate about putting the final touches in the file server here to get our new router going. A few keystrokes, a pat on the flank to calm it, and it was off to the races. Better bandwidth, faster connections, the works.

I must have lost my sense of wonder somewhere along the way here, because I've been standing in this Star Trek world for almost a year now and still don't quite recognise it for how very cool and flashing-lights Flash Gordonesque it actually is.


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