Jan 5, 2006

For The Love Of Pete

I don't know how long an RN has to go to school to get their license and pin, but I know it's at least four years, not counting all the time they have to put in as flunkies in hospitals and things.  You think they'd learn not to use blue ink on medical records.
Don't ask me why, it's just One Of Those Things.  I don't even know if it's a hospital thing or if it's just us, but as far as it reaches ME, I know that we can't use blue ink.  Plain, simple.  No blue ink on medical records of any sort.  Just black.  So why do we still STILL have nurses who insist on using blue ink.  Nurses who have worked here for almost as long as I have.  And not all the time do they venture into indigo, just occasionally. 
Once in a while. 
Kids, I'm a college graduate.  I spent over 6 years there earning two bachelor's degrees.  Not only did I always write in black ink, I carried THE SAME DAMNED CHEAP FOUNTAIN PEN FOR FOUR OF THOSE SIX YEARS.  I think the last year or so I carried a different one because the $6 cheapie I bought at the local K & B*  finally broke and I bought a yellow one just like it.  For $6.  Gawd knows how many refill cartridges I went through.  Hell, I remember using one in HIGH SCHOOL, which I'm sure had to be pretty damned cheap.  It wrote in black, though.
My syster gifted me with a very slim, scalpel-like Sheaffer when I was at Toys Backward R Us in the mid 90's.  I used it for years, even when it leaked and I had to go fight Service Merchandise for a replacement, since that Sheaffer White dot means it carries a lifetime warranty.  It was black and gold, and I don't want to know how much it cost. 
It wrote in black. 
I still have it, even though I haven't used it in years and years.
I bought a new fountain pen around Y2K when I started at Orifice Despot, and really went hog-wild and splurged on it--$32.  I even bought the matching ballpoint for customers.  Know what?  I'm still carrying it.  It's still using black ink only.  And I have to carry a damned glass bottle of ink everywhere I go in case it runs out, and know what else?  I LIKE DOING THAT.
So why, RNs, can't you be bothered to carry around a dozen or so black ink pens in your car?  You can buy stick pens (biros to you Brits) for about 75 cents each.  For crying out loud, you guys earn like ten times my salary, and I'm sitting here with a $30 Waterman, and you can't manage to have a damned Bic stick pen in your car that writes in black.
What's the freaking deal, pickle?
*Yes, it WAS that long ago, and a bonus point to you if you know what a K & B is, one extra bonus point if you remember what "K & B" stands for, and a rubber stick pen if you remember their trademarked colour.  Syster, you're not allowed because I know you know the answers already.


Regal Monkey said...

Katz & Besthoff used a magical purpley colour (and the letters on the sign were white)... and they used to have really cheap cigarettes back in the day when I was in high school and had no money. (Actually, most of my adult life so far I've also had no money... anyhoo, no matter)... it was a great chain of drug stores, and there was even one in the Alex. Mall. How's that for memory?

Irrelephant said...

And if you had the K&B purpley pencils in school you were THE utter bomb and sought after like one of Elvis' toenails.

I was never that kid.

Bravo Regal Monkey! Bonus points and one rubber cigar en route. Watch the mail.