Jan 25, 2006

The Grapes Of Irrelephant

Thinking wrath, were you? Well, I never read the book, so you take what you can get, right? At least it wasn't some obscure song quote or movie line. *s*

The grapes are showing promising signs of growth out in the vineyards du Irrelephant. Babes though they are right now, mere sticks in the ground with mounds of mulch carefully heaped around them, they are definitely growing. Not a whole lot, I don't have bushels yet, but there are a handful of tiny white buds starting on some of the canes, and the raspberry bush canes are a beautiful deep emerald green already, promising a heavy load of branches and berries.

It's going to be an interesting season.

The professionals tell me that I shouldn't expect to harvest actual GRAPES for the first three to four years. The reason being, I have to carefully train, heavily prune and in general do some serious cutting damage to a whole small vineyard of promising, up and coming grape plants. And while I am NOT a complete by-the-book sort of guy, I think this time, at least for the first season or so, I'm going to have to follow the guidelines laid down by my grape-growing predecessors. And don't worry, I certainly shall bend gently where I can, in more ways than one, but I think I'm gonna have to stay pretty close to the regs here.

What is killing me here is my memory, which is faulty. My father had, as my brother recollects, some seriously big Concorde grape vines. And knowing my father, he simply bought some bare root canes, stuck them in the ground, gave them his touch, a little water and some homeopathic trick of rural Mississippi folk, and over the course of 15 or so years he had vines whose trunks were as thick as your calf and runners and canes that had taken over 30 or so feet of fenceline each. And I promise you he never cracked a book on grapes, nor did he check the internet for instruction, direction, and/or guidelines.

Sometimes I wonder if life wasn't better before the 'net.

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Stolen Penguin said...

..GRAPES OWN! Aaah. I'm so in the mood for grapes now...