Jan 31, 2006

Mending The Drum

A long time ago I learned that I was not one of those people that are commonly called "trendsetters." The corporate book-writer guys call them "mavens" now, but either way I'm just not one to start the stone rolling.

Talkies Tuesday, as you might have noticed, had a less than stellar day today. Oh yes, my friends, my brainstorm of bringing audioblogging to a silly new level has pretty much collapsed under it's own weight. Unsurprising, really. Why? Well then, here's the list!

1) No nudity. If I had a lovely pair of breasticles to show off, perhaps I could suddenly take off as the Next Big Thing on Blogger's Blogs Of Note. As I do not have a lovely set of breasticles I am going to hold off on the nudity. You can thank me later.

2) Lack of a catchphrase. I don't know if this is as vitally important as a nice pair of wahoongas, but I think it still ranks pretty high up there. I thought the joke that leads off the blog would do it, might catch the attention or such, but apparently it's not that funny of a joke. Who wouldda thunk it?

3) Did I mention a complete lack of nudity?

4) No originality. I know that's a crippler, but in the world of blogging let's face it, another semi-funny blogger isn't going to pull the Moon out of the sky and hand it to anyone. Audioblogging is not new, even when you call it podcasting, and having a strange old-man voice only creeps my wife out.

I do think that one of the positives I have going for me is the lack of a google ad thing over there on the sidebar. Never had one, and never will. I can't sell an Irrelephant T-shirt to save my life, so why should anyone buy something from google through me? So see, I've saved you that grief!

Perhaps if I had a lot of blinking things, or some really profoundly obnoxious colour scheme...

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