Jan 5, 2006


I was griping with my boss after work today about how our children's world is so filled with things to get them in trouble, ie The Internet.

We were both using the place as the ideal image of dangerous places for kids, mainly because there is so much material that is not suitable for kid of any age, even teens, as well as multiples of multiples of opportunities for them to be taken advantage of in every sort and style of way.

BUT, there are times when the Internet shines, and I refer to my K&B question of just the other day. It seems that one of the coolest sites on the entire 'net, Wikipedia, lists an entry for K&B.

Utterly cool.


Vulgar Wizard said...

But Wikipedia doesn't have an entry for Butter Troll.....

Are you sure all you were talking about with your boss after work today was the Internet????

Irrelephant said...

I guess Butter Trolls aren't yet mainstream enough. Thank goodness.

Boss and I? Talked about wives and kids, that was about it.

Vulgar Wizard said...

Damn it all!!!!! I paid you good money to smack him around a bit and you sold me out. You bastard!!!!

Irrelephant said...

Sorry, he doubled my usual pay for smacking up bitches and ho's.