Jan 24, 2006

On Getting A Clew

And that's the Olde English spelling of "clue," so no-one gets to call me a moron on THAT count.

Found out something interesting--if you happen to be a Talkies Tuesday participant, or just a plain old audioblogger, you actually have to wait for the little automated Audioblogger Voice Guy Thing to finish saying "Goodbye" and let IT disconnect before you hang up, much like you cannot push in numbers faster than they ask for them.

See, I hate that. I hate automated phone systems, but I have to live with them. I also can usually outsmart them (or at least shorten my exposure to them) simply by punching in numbers faster than they ask for them. MOST systems let you do this and can read those numbers without having to wait for them to finish their wooden little delivery before accepting an imput.

I'm gonna start wearing wooden buttons on my all black homespuns, I swear to Blog I am.


Mickey Glitter said...

HA! Thanks for the tip. I'm gonna try TT again tonight! =)

Vulgar Wizard said...

I hate audioblogger, man, I swear to God I do.