Jan 9, 2006

The Seven Memes of Sinbad

I know, that's not the name, and rather misleading at that, but hey, I'm stooping to a meme instead of giving you guys a 'real' post.

If there is such a thing as a 'real' post from La Casa du Irrelephant, I guess I should add, so anyway today was les Miserables the occurance and not the book because the network was as frail as a 107 year old Parkinson's patient, so things were, at times, strained. And at times utterly fun, but that was only because Vulgar Wizard and I were tossing paperclips and binder clips at each other across the office.

Endangering coworkers.

Refusing to work.

And saying "firnk" a lot.

So anyway, The Meme of Sevens.

  • 7 Things To Do Before I Die:
    1. Not die.
    2. Tour Germany speaking like a native.
    3. Do the things I do BETTER
    4. Be thought of as a good man
    5. Be published, or at least known in the literary world
    6. Paint a canvas that I genuinely love
    7. Read everything I can get my hands on

  • 7 Things I Cannot Do:
    1. Roller skate. I have the natural grace of a dead gazelle
    2. Hear "Amazing Grace" on the bagpipes without crying
    3. Talk to my father again
    4. Catch a big bass
    5. Stop worrying
    6. Say "no" to a sincere person
    7. Work on a computer network. Gah. IT. Gah.

  • 7 Things That Attract Me To People:
    1. They're not part of the crowd
    2. Humour, the stranger the better
    3. Intelligence, the higher the better
    4. An acceptance of the need for silences as well as talk
    5. Wisdom, or much experience
    6. A willingness to trust deeply
    7. Not being afraid to touch someone else

  • 7 Things I Would Never Say:
    1. "I hate riding motorcycles."
    2. "I'm going to shave off my beard again."
    3. "I hate you." At least to someone's face. *grin*
    4. "Honestly officer? Yup, I was speeding my ass off and I'm VERY surprised you caught me."
    5. "Yes lad, you can date my daughter."
    6. "No, I've stopped eating fudge."
    7. "Yes, I'll start working retail again. At Christmas time. Selling toys. For a giraffe."

  • 7 Things I Cannot Abide:
    1. Cruelty of any kind, especially to animals
    2. Blind anger, even though I am a victim of it myself sometimes
    3. Roaches--ick, crawly scuttling dang things
    4. Waste, be it of a person, a meal, or a tree
    5. Stupidity
    6. People who don't know when to stop talking
    7. Religious zealots

  • 7 Books or Series I Love: (Let me just tell you now that there ain't gonna be enough room to list them all...)
    1. Armour, John Steakley
    2. Blade Runner, or, Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep, Phillip K. Dick
    3. Dune, Frank Herbert
    4. Time Enough For Love, Robert A. Heinlein
    5. The Sherlock Holmes canon, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
    6. Something Wicked This Way Comes, Ray Bradbury
    7. The Nero Wolfe series, Rex Stout

  • 7 Movies I Can Watch Over And Over:
    1. Batman (the Michael Keaton one)
    2. Blade Runner
    3. The Matrix
    4. Casablanca
    5. Bridge On The River Kwai
    6. Night Of The Living Dead (the original)
    7. Young Frankenstein ('Cos I....ain't got no boooo...dy)

Well, I hope that's enough for you, because formatting all that in proper nested lists was enough for me.


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