Jan 23, 2006

Talkies Tuesday - The Man Behind The Trunk

Speaking of masks, trunks, tall tails and some assorted miscellany, you can see why I never actually make much headway on much of anything unless I really concentrate, which I'm not really good at. Me, I'm more of a stream-of-conciousness sorta guy.

Speaking of masks--a very favourite quote from a very favourite author:

"The badger's empty head lay on a chair, dead and silent. I knelt and touched it. I waited for it to whisper secrets to me, but it said nothing, and my grandmother took my hand and pulled me away. Later it occured to me that i should have put the badger's head on: then i would have become the badger, a tiny stumbling thing with a huge head, uttering vast truths i dared not think as a child."
Neil Gaiman, Mr. Punch.

I guess at some point Audioblogger will find THIS post, too. It's still Monday night here, and I'm waiting to assemble the whole Talkies Tuesday thing for release tomorrow, or my tomorrow now, you're right now time. I hope it arrives soon.

Until then, bear with me.

And as of Tuesday morning, no audioblogs. What the hell is going on, Audioblogger? Three lost audio posts?

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