Jan 23, 2006

Talkies Tuesday PSA Followup

Okay, so my Public Service Announcement/Vulgar Wizard Joint seems to have dissapeared into the mists of Audioblogging whatever.

Which disgusts me, because it was funny, in that running-joke sort of way. Which I'm fairly good at. Not as good as I am at that sort of impromptu, situitational comedy that I'm better at, but it was still cute.

And now it's gone. Like my virginity, only not involving a high school teacher.

So you see, Regal Monkey, I was in fact just priming the pump, as it were, for the For Real Talkies Tuesday, which will occur tomorrow.

And if you guys happen to be looking closely at the blog, or get really lucky when you bookmark over to it, or if you've got me on your RSS feed, which I know none of you do, you might catch the fact that most times I do Talkies Tuesday late Monday evenings, then save it as a draft so I can stick in the lovely and unique Talkies Tuesday header as well as any other scathing commentary I want to add. So keep your eyes peeled, you might get lucky and enjoy a sneak-peek of TT on Monday.

And Regal Monkey? Dear gaseous one, you think you're so tough? I hereby Double Dog Dare you to do Talkies Tuesday with us tomorrow.

*grin* A Double Dog Dare. Nobody can knuckle under to a Double Dog Dare.



Regal Monkey said...

Ah, stronger than the ages I am, when I put my mind to it. :) As for the day of the week comment... I just couldn't help myself! You had me second guessing myself, though... IS IT Tuesday? Surely not. Well, maybe? NO. It definitely isn't... hmph. Must harass Irrelephant about this. ...well, it went something like that. You got me back with the gaseous remark though. ouch. :)

Regal Monkey said...

Oh, and I didn't need the link to "A Christmas Story" to remember the tongue on the flagpole!

Caffeinated Mommy said...

you know, I looked at your blog earlier today, Irrelephant, and it sent me hunting down a calendar, too. Tsk tsk.

Irrelephant said...

So go putting your mind to it there dear, tho I don't think you're as wrinkled as all that...*grin* I'm pleased, however, that I had you temporally challenged there for a moment. Life without uncertainty and confusion isn't much fun. Granted it's a lot quieter, but it's no fun.

And I knew you wouldn't need a link that obvious, but for the three people in the world who haven't seen the movie I had to include that. *s*

And Hannibal? Don't you start too, dear, I've got plenty enough for the whole lot of you! I may not be able to talk like a two-foot tall Muppet with a light saber, but I can sure talk some crap.

That is, when Audioblogger allows me to.