Feb 24, 2006

And Now Abideth Strength, Ability, and Proprioception, But The Greatest Of These Is Love

Having just received a corporate email telling us that VW was to do the job she's been doing since she started at the company, she sent this email out. To understand part of the joke, I need to say that "proprioception" is a word used by occupational therapists, which I have to enter in orders about three times a day. I finally got curious and looked it up--in general it means knowing where your body is in space, sort of a personal spatial awareness that we all have in varying degrees, courtesy of nerve receptors in our joints. So, the email from Vulgar Wizard:

VW: Just in case either of you encounter any errors with doctor's information in *the data entry system*, I'm the go-to girl for fixing this stuff. Yay, me!

So naturally, I had to be a smart-alec.

Irr: So, it's business as usual then?

VW: Yeah, you know, what I've been doing all along since I figured out that I could. That's what being proactive means, right? My god, how do the other joints survive if their BOM's (*Business Office Managers*) are stupid?

Irr: Not proactive, proprioactive.
As to how? Beats me, sweets.

VW: Propriopecia.

Irr: For people who can't tell where their hair is.

VW: Whoa! Am I bald? Where the h3ll did my hair go?

Irr: Why is my hair falling over?

VW: Why is my hair made of cheese funk?

Irr: Whoa! Bread spread!

VW: What?

Irr: Head-bread. Bread spread=butter which is made of milk which also makes cheese. Funk.

Head Spread.
Thus ends Lesson #147 of How Irrelephant's Mind Works.

VW: Butter Troll Head?

Oh yeah. Dare to be stoopid. *lol* Sometimes it's the only way to get through a particularly difficult intrusion of Corporate Think.


Vulgar Wizard said...

No wonder reviewers think we're lame.


not lame VW.. just able to cope with the medical world..... not everything is serious. you would go nuts.


Irrelephant said...

Yeah, screw them too. *lol* I know I'm about one more online meeting from being certifiably insane. And yeah, it's those ten minute breaks from PT/INR orders and OASIS packets and faxed lab results that make life worth living.