Feb 13, 2006

By Jove!

The Toy Group is showing, which is a complete yawner for me except for the Italian Greyhound. Worse, I'm going to miss the Non-Sporting Group, which means the Chow Chow is going to be utterly beautiful and is not going to win anything. As usual.

The star of the Toy Group for me has to be the judge, Dr. Harry Smith. According to our hosts, Dr. Smith is certified to judge ALL SEVEN groups, which makes him one of about 35 judges in the world so certified. Impressive by itself, but when I caught sight of this venerable gent I almost applauded for him. White haired, somber expression, for the evening he wore a claw-hammer tailed tuxedo, and on the judging table behind him I caught sight of a silk top-hat, a pair of white gloves, and a black and white cane.

Utterly gentlemanly, utterly classic, utterly marvelous. Bravo, Dr. Smith.

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AAAAHHHHH the Gentlemens' Gentleman, Mr Irrelephant himself... I seem to recall a beautiful top hat & tails complete with manly gloves that you yourself sported on that wonderful day that you & now Mrs. Irrelephant exchanged vows. You & "your grey wrinkled ars" (I'll take the Mrs's word for that)are always so debonair (no pun intended.