Feb 1, 2006

Caution: Advanced Humour

As I sit here in the front of our office, comfortable in my big robe and pyjamas and slippers, my pipe (sans tobacco unfortunately) in my pocket, I really DESPERATELY want someone, anyone to walk in here and ask me why I'm wearing sleepwear in the office, or if nothing else just look at me strange, so I can tell them that I'm actually an employee at the nearby Sleep Studies Clinic, but I'm moonlighting days here at a home health agency.  That'd be sweet. 
But the look of utter uncomprehension would be saddening to me.
And then I'd be forced to draw them a picture to explain.
With arrows and a flow-chart to help them out.
And then I'd have to kill them.
And eat their heart.


Vulgar Wizard said...

Yep, I heard him tell two vendors and one co-worker he was a Sleep Studies Clinic worker . . . no one laughed.

Stolen Penguin said...

I'd laugh!!! But yeah, I'm good like that. ^-^