Feb 17, 2006

Charred, Watch This Space

Kelly from Nello Designs is going to be working here today, implanting or surgically reconstructing, in general doing whatever it is she does to stick a new skin on here, and I do mean skin. I've already seen it, I like it, it's not too high contrast but it's eye-catching, and it's not a Blogger standard template, so cross your fingers, chant some mantras, and think of a good 80's song for me to request for this morning's FlashBack Friday on the radio, and I'll see you this afternoon in my new suit.



Vulgar Wizard said...

Well, Fatty K.S. from O.D. already requested the 99 balloons thingie, so I'm all out of suggestions

Cenazoic said...

I've been using FF for more than a year now, and just opened IE to see what all these 'differences' are. Yep, they're there. FF shows the cafepress, the Geoloc map, and a shitload of buttons in the sidebar; IE doesn't.

The thing about FF is that it's supposed to render HTML/CSS 'correctly' (ie, is web standards compliant), whereas IE is a piece of non-standards compliant crap.

For example, the header. Below your pic, there's another table row that contains this (minus quotes) '----->' IE doesn't display this. What is it? It's supposed to be the end of a comment in the code, but it's being rendered improperly (because it was applied incorrectly). Also, looking at your source code, the Cafepress, shitload of buttons, etc, are all there, uncommented out, so FF displays them, as it should. IE is the one screwing up by NOT displaying them.

Whatever one's opinion of the CONTENTS of your blog, the comments about the display/design are legitimate and objective: the source code is seriously screwed up. I hope your new design fixes a lot of these errors (which are too many to go into here, the more I look at the source.)

Irrelephant said...

What saddens me is that people using FF only have thought that I was a spastic bastard who couldn't design to save his life, and the changes I was trying to make without deleting things weren't actually being changed but were in fact being further assed up.


I guess that's what I get for trusting Billy Boy and The Mother Company.

I still can't get rid of that floating "Q" though. I simply can't find it!

Teazer Man said...

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Charred said...

This is a lot easier to read.

Well done!