Feb 25, 2006

Comes The Dawn

Winter is almost over. I can tell by the rain, you see. In other parts of the world, more northern parts, the last week would have been one of snow and ice. Down here it's rain. Rain and more rain.

But this means that spring is right around the corner, which is always welcome.

Have you ever noticed that feeling of being uplifted, that huge sigh as you pack up the winter clothes and go walking around in the sunshine? I had a mini one of those this morning when I opened the house up. When it's cold I usually leave the drapes and things closed to keep the heat in, but today is warm enough to forgoe that precaution, so I opened up everything. And granted it's still very murky out there, overcast and grey, but there's some small bit of light filtering through the clouds, and my self-imposed darkness was ended by the house filling with light. Okay, with dim, but you get the point.

I hear it's like that for folks who have real winters. A whole season of dark and gloom, people killing themselves by throwing their bodies in front of snow blowers and off bridges onto frozen rivers, and blankets of ice and snow. One of the perks of living in the south, I suppose: winter lasts all of three weeks here. But the glorious respite comes for you snow-bound folk when spring arrives, clad in flowers and green grass, and the glorious light comes back, and you get a whole body-full of the feeling I had this morning, only in Technicolour and surround sound.

I was cleaning my two aquariums out this morning, in preparation for adding fresh water. I fed the fish first off, so they'd have a full stomach to be stressed on, and then I got in there with a sponge and some elbow grease and scrubbed off all the accumulated algae from the glass and wiped the sheet of algae that always grows on the bottom of the glass top, directly under the lights. It's a naturaly function of life to spring up wherever it can, and a bright, direct source of light + dampness will always = green algae. So I cleaned and scrubbed, and like always there was a long sheet of pukey green algae that fell off the sponge and settled to the bottom of the aquarium, playing havoc with the fishes idea of What Life Is All About.

What Life Is All About For Fish

  • Sun rises instantly at exactly 6:00 each morning
  • Giant frightening blob appears in front of the place at about 7 am
  • Food appears at water surface immediately after blob exits
  • For three minutes eat like there's no tomorrow
  • Swim
  • Giant frightening blob appears in front of pond at about 7 pm
  • Food appears at water surface immediately after blob exits
  • For three minutes eat like there's no tomorrow
  • Swim
  • Sun sets instantly at exactly 8:00 each evening

So my theory then begins to run thusly--that it's Winter into Spring for the fish, only every morning. Darkness, death at the very door, then suddenly the sun flickers into being and it's Spring, glorious Spring, light flooding into every nook and cranny, the little nocturnal catfish fleeing back to their bushy shrubs and their plastic tree roots to hide out and await the setting of the sun. And this morning it even went a step further--the sun rose, Spring came, and suddenly the ground was covered in a carpet of green. Granted it's not grass, but what fish really knows the difference between grass and algae, and frankly they're almost the same thing, at least they are when it rains for a week and the yard starts to smell like rotten mud.

Okay, so I didn't say it was a GOOD theory.


Caffeinated Mommy said...

I used to have an aquarium with blue gouramis, pink kissing gouramis, and red gouramis in it. The pink ones kept eating each other, my red one got sick and died, and my blue one lived on and on an on. Until I gave it away to my ex's mother because I was tired of watching all of my fish die. The blue one was the only one that ever stuck around. I hated cleaning it because I have no upper body strength and I couldn't lift the darn thing.
I did like the fish, though. *sigh*
What kind of fish do you have?

Irrelephant said...

I had a blue gourami who lived FOREVER...huge thing, it turned carniverous. *shiver*

Right now the 30 gal in the office has emperor and neon tetras, but I think I'm about to go back to angelfish. The 120 gal in the den has Australian Rainbows, Red and Blue Colombians, some Albino Blackskirts, a clutch of Snakeskin Coreys, and some odds and ends singles. It Needs More Fish! *lol*