Feb 8, 2006

Dude Man

Yes, Dude Man. Steppin' out of the East Side to do battle with slam-dancers, women who don't shave their pits, and bartenders who are skimpy on the alcohol in mixed drinks.

Dude Man. Able to disco the night through, and still have the strength to put on a Da-Glo condom when pleasuring his 'special' lady.

Dude Man. Still wearing a huge perm twenty years later.

Dude Man. Can breathe better than the Marlboro Man, but that's about all he's got going for him.

Dude Man. Owner of a 1972 Pinto station wagon. Colour? Faraway (Baby Cornflower) Blue.


It's astounding how I can sit at work and come up with several blog topics and lines of discussion when I CAN'T get access to a computer to blog, but the moment I park the tail at home in the office, in my big comfy leather chair with the lights dim and just the white phosphor glow of the big Philips 19" to light my way....nothing. It all dries up, rather like Dude Man when he finds out that his 'special' lady of the night has Herpaghonnasyphillaids. And bad breath.

Exercise. It's actually been happening. After the disastrous first walk and the blindingly bad cramp I've found my walking distance and speed. Rather like my first serious drinking binge at age 17...drink until I almost pass out on the cheapest K&B brand burbon, and then next morning feel like thin-hammered dog crap. After that I realised that one has to PACE oneself. Exercise, same so. Walking a bit, and I'm already up to 16 pushups at one go, even breathing, so that's saying something.

Work. Crazy as an outhouse rat, but perhaps some relief in sight. A few new office staff, knock out a wall or two for new offices, and we'll be back in business. Until we grow too big again.

The Blog. Well, if any of you have been watching carefully, you've noticed things coming and going along the periphery. What's happened, you see, is I've submitted myself to a rather cuttingly strong critic group over at I Talk Too Much, and I've actually been reading to see what works and what doesn't, in hopes of garnering at least a single slap. I can't currently escape the dreaded Generic Blogger Template, but I have done a lot of surgery on it, and I actually have someone working on *gasp* a new, completely original, one-off template for me, based on my needs, my desires, and my Kosmik Konnection, whatever that is. Stay tuned for that. I've even done a fair bit of trim work on the sidebar, just to clean that all up nicely.

Now if only I could find my wide-lapeled ice blue velour evening jacket and my gold razor blade on it's herringbone chain.


Vulgar Wizard said...

Oy! Who's making you a new template???? Dammit!

Irrelephant said...

I'll have to hook you two up after she's busted up on Casa del Irrelephant. *S*