Feb 7, 2006


Yes, I know it's Talkies Tuesday. And yes, I know I've already done a Talkies Tuesday post. Just think of this as a little extra, like a weird-shaped mole on your inner thigh or that potatoe chip shaped just like Jesus' instep that seems to have arrived on your plate of fish and chips seemingly out of nowhere.

A few posts back I mentioned jonesing for more tattoos, and that post engendered two comments, both from regulars. I never replied to those comments like I usually do because I was thinking about turning the comment into a post, which in my own slow-poking ass way I finally have.

Regal Monkey said...
I'm all about the rocking horse/carousel giraffe. Scrap the Ganesh... old ex had huge ganesh on one thigh... took up practically his whole thigh. Enough! Really, do what you want!

I laughed when I read about the ex's tattoo. Almost said "the ex-tattoo" there, which is kind of strange and implies laser light and lots of pork smells in the office. I think I'm still on for the rocking giraffe, it's a personal touch, like all of my tattoos are, and the Ganesh...honestly? I can be honest with you guys, right?


I hate flying. I love airplanes of all kinds, but I'm not big on being inside them, if you dig what I mean. And the rules of my divorce keep me flying back and forth from here to Oregon at least once a year. Six airplanes at minimum, and to keep myself sane and centered, I carry a tiny pewter Ganesh statue in my pocket, him being the guy who watches out for travellers and over crossroads, he who is "The Opener Of The Way." I've always figured that if he can keep an eye out on crossroads then it wouldn't be much of a stretch for him to lay a tusk on airports and planes.

Plus, how cool is it to have had your head cut off as an infant and have your father who is also a god replace it with an elephant's head? An elephant's head that works! Damn...I should be so lucky.

And then

Strange Cousin Susan said...
Do tell about the other tats you've got! I've got a new one in mind, but I'm not sure where I'll have it done yet. Areas of my body where I can show it off when I want and hide it when I must are becoming very expensive real estate!

Oh, and then there's the possible lip piercing, or the area between my lower lip and my chin. =)

I'd actually love to tell you all about them, or post pictures, but honestly I'm one of those people who, like you, believe most sincerely that my tattoos are personal expressions of inner things. Don't feel bad, very few people have seen all my tattoos. More than a few friends of mine have seen my arm pieces, but I can count on the fingers of one hand the people who have seen all of my work (including me,) and that's the way I like it. The rest of them will likely be the same--I made plans a very long time ago for the extent of my tattooing, and it ends just shy of where my clothing ends. With care and planning (the hallmarks of my tattooing) I'll be able to wear my full suit of colours in public without anyone seeing anything of what I carry etched in my flesh.

Reading that sentence again a few times is making me feel like I'm implying some sort of smugness, or that I'm being coy. That's not it at all, and I don't mean to give that impression. It's just that my tattoos are visible representations of events that mean a great deal to me, representations that are, for me, given life as long as I because they are not just a collection of chemicals and electricity in my head, they are a visible collection of organic chemicals embedded in my skin, there for me to see whenever I care to, there for me to share with the few people that I have let all the way into my heart.


Mickey Glitter said...

I totally dig where you're comin' from with your tats - I don't mind people seeing them at all, but I don't like when people ask me what they represent and then when I explain, just kind of give me a blank stare or say something stupid.

Thanks for the background on Ganesha - I had no idea he was so busy, watching travelers and the like. Although flying doesn't freak me out in the least, perhaps I'll tuck a picture of the big G in my wallet or bag when I fly to London this summer. It never hurts, I suppose. =)

Stolen Penguin said...

Wouldn't an elphants head be really heavy? You'd have to drag it around after you...Ugh. Bad mental image. But yeah. o.O