Feb 15, 2006

Hump Day

It was most definitely a Hump Day today.

We swapped two offices, three people's worth of furniture and books and boxes and telephones and everything else, and I found out that as soon as we acquire another Business Office Specialist I'll be moving into the offices of...wait for it...VULGAR WIZARD! Rock and/or Roll!

And I'll unofficially become the Unofficial Business Office Manager Jr.! Cooooolio.

And join me in welcoming our newest Talkies Tuesday member Leesepea! Or is that LeesePea? Or Leese Pea? I'm not sure. *lol* Anyway, the thing is, this is the young lady who has been on the outskirts of Talkies Tuesday, the very person whom I have been prepping for and then not finding.

Well, I've found you now, and kith and kin, we'll see her next Talkies Tuesday!


leesepea said...

Looking forward to it!

Didn't get Strange's email; maybe it's lost in the ether. I've had people tell me they've sent me email and not gotten it recently; may be a filter I've set up or something.

Try it again: leesepeaATadelphiaDOTnet

And, it's Leesepea. My boyfriend started calling me that a handful of years back. It's an amalgam of "Leese," which is short for Lisa and is what my family calls me, and "Sweet Pea," which is what he used to call me.

renegade said...

y'all might kill each other in the same office.

Irrelephant said...

Yeah, and it'd give me a hell of a lot less cover from cardboard bullets and rubber band guns, too. Ack.