Feb 26, 2006

I Gotta Say It Was A Good Day

And if I were Ice Cube I'd be saying something about not having to use my AK, but then again I'm not Ice Cube. I'm not even Ice T. Heck, I don't even have mad rhymes.

What I do have is a clean house, or as clean as it usually gets. I also have closets full of clean, dry clothes and none of them are currently piled on the couch in the den, nor are they lurking in the washing machine or the dryer.

I've got a china cabinet not only moved but refilled with an eye towards order, and a gun cabinet moved to the other side of the window to make a more harmonious balance.

I've even got a lovely (bunch of coconuts?) dart board case that has been sitting on my office floor for the better part of 8 months hung up on the wall in the newly-cristened game room, at dart competition height (that'd be 5' 8" to the cork,) and I even moved two of the antique daguerotypes of my long-dead cousins to more prominent places.

And if that weren't enough, I've recovered the grapes because it's going to freaking freeze AGAIN tonight, refilled the bird feeders so that the goldfinches, house wrens and the redwing blackbirds won't starve, and so the cardinals will have someone to fuss at. I even cleaned the filter on my air purifier. Damn if I'm not making tracks today.

I forgot to lock the shed back up, though. Will have to take care of that before dark falls.

Oh, and I even organised the master bedroom closet shelf, getting rid of a bunch of old clothes and things I had tossed up there in one of those "Maybe I can use them again someday" frames of mind. Yeah, whatever.

Lesse, what else is there that I can bemuse you with?

Did a little reading--for those of you who are Neal Stephenson fans, he's got a new book out in paperback, apparently it's the first of I think he's already titled eight of them. Bastard. It's called Quicksilver, if you're curious.

I guess sometimes you just can't be clever, or maybe today I just had one of those days when I wanted to work, and funny is hard to come by when you're working. Or at least when I'm working. Don't know about you, I've always found it hard to giggle with a broom in my hand, unless of course I'm playing like it's my steadfast horse, Excelsior, but Excelsior for all his heroic ability is rotten at sweeping with any sort of skill.

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I send peanuts to Irrelephant for his hard work today. Now if he would only do that at my house. LOL