Feb 16, 2006

If Nothing Else

I'll give my pretty poor review this much--it's tripled my traffic thus far. Now three times as many people can see how on-again/off-again a writer I am! Damn, the wonders of the Information Age. No wonder I'm a Luddite.

So all you new readers--have any of you ventured back into the archives any, or are you giving me a cursory front page once-over, deciding you don't like what you see, and leaving for good? I'd honestly appeciate any constructive comments.


Liz said...

Feh...do you really want to what I think?


I think...Bryce is a stupid name!

renegade said...

I keep telling you, the words don't show up here if you use the Sepia tinted Fountain Pen. Don't you ever listen? Cheese and rice!

Irrelephant said...

But I LIKE sepia!