Feb 16, 2006


That's what I seem to have earned from the folk over at I Talk Too Much. Seems Bryce was stunningly unimpressed with my writing skills and the too blue background.

A few things I can't figure--someone commented about the header appearing twice...I don't get that, it's only there once. The too blue? Being fixed, I've got a new template on the way. The Cafepress stuff has been gone for a while, so I REALLY can't figure that. All I can assume is that Firefox is displaying everything really wrong, and I can't figure Firefox, just not that good at programming. Hopefully the new template will take care of that problem.

So. *shrug*

I'm a hit-or-miss writer, someone can't tell if I'm a man or a woman (the picture didn't help there, sparky?) and I earned a whopping one smack. Ah well. Such is life, eh? Me, I'm going to hold my head up high, keep on plugging, and not be one of those spoiled-brat kids on American Idol who go out cussing and spitting about the unfairness of the judges. I asked for critique, I got it. I'll take some steps suggested to clean the place up, and I might even resubmit, but I guess if my writing sucks so badly it won't help.

Meh. *S*


Irrelephant said...

I guess I'm just too sensitive. *lol*

Vulgar Wizard said...

Your writing doesn't suck. One must be in the mood to read it at times, but it doesn't suck.

Resubmit after the template change.

Boy I can't wait until they dis and dismiss me.

Regal Monkey said...

Firefox definitely shows a different display of your blog than you intend. I wondered for a while what the world fetus ya'll were babbling about... and then I looked at it via the dreaded explorer and I saw it. Not that I get it, but I at least get why ya'll were talking about a fetus in a jar. Odd stuff.

Mickey Glitter said...

I dunno, I like the contrasts of blue and purple on your site. It's a very soothing color combination for me; I think it has to do with how my parents decorated my room when they brought me home from the alien craft. =) Seriously, I really do like it!

And I applaud anyone who does the I Talk Too Much hot-coal walk. I, for one, could not do that to myself, nor would I want to. But that's another story altogether.

Vulgar Wizard said...

Charred shredded you, not Bryce. Charred shredded Bryce also. Wow.

renegade said...

I'll be happy to smack you right in the back of your head if you'd like. Or even if not.

Irrelephant said...

As long as you give me a good review you could stretch me out 6' on the ground. *lol*

No, on second thought I take that back. You hit HARD.

Stolen Penguin said...

..Wait, you're a GUY?!?! Gasp.