Feb 24, 2006

More Medical Hijinks

Thursday was strained. The Butter Troll, She Who Is Also Lazy Susan was behaving like a five-year old in the sandbox since Adrenaline Junkie (our Director O' Operations, you remember him) was out of the city getting his new job arrangements, his brass buttons shined, and for all I know his knob polished, and we were all strained to put up with it (Butter Troll, not the knob polishing,) because we didn't have a shovel to dig a really REALLY big hole to toss her ass into when one of us snapped and killed her. As a means of venting off some steam, VW and I, who as you may recall sits about ten feet away from me separated by a door-frame, spent part of the afternoon emailing each other, and giggling like schoolgirls inbetween reads.

This is how it ran.

Vulgar Wizard wrote:

Dear Snappahead,

I'm writing to inform you that the Butter Troll lives; beware.

Irrelephant wrote back:

Dear Etruscan Earwig,

Thank you for your recent submission of warning. Unfortunately at this time we do not require further warning that The Astoundingly Stupid One is, ipso facto, still alive. She has been sighted tramping around our desk all day, leaving behind a foetid smell and a distinctly snail-like trail in our carpeting.

on behalf of The Submissions Department,
Mr. P.D.Q. Snappahead, Director.


Dear P.D.Q.

The Great Bald PN just ventured into BT's realm. Let this letter serve as a warning that body parts my fly toward the front of the office at any given time, covered with butter of course.



My dear EE--


Yours etc.


Dear PDQ,

Whoa, man, that was close, I swear to God it was.




Dingo's kidneys.




Cancel 'dat.




OK, you win.


What's really sad is that this maneouver only killed about ten minutes of an interminable day.


Tammy said...

One of the girls in my office (who sits wwwaaaaaaayyyyy on the other side of a large cube farm) and I do this occasionally, too. What's great is to hear her just crack up loudly when no one is in her area and knowing it's because of something I sent her. Not because I'm all that. But because I imagine all the people in between us going "huh? what's that about?"

Great way to kill some time, though.

Irrelephant said...

Isn't that half the fun? *lol* Unfortunately me and VW can't enjoy that because everyone in the office knows that loud shouts, exclaimaions and other rude noises are par for the course, not something out of the ordinary.

So much for making people's eyebrows raise.

Vulgar Wizard said...

This shit was and is so much fun! If it weren't for these ten minutes of random stupidity, I would have hung myself from the ceiling in my office MONTHS ago.