Feb 13, 2006

Racket To The Right Of Me, Cacophony To The Left!

I used to wonder why Adrenaline Junkie always came up front to sit and drink water and talk. I thought he was just bored, or hungry for human company. I know better now.

A long chain of events has lead to this point. Let me sum up.

Katrina and Rita blew through, removing a few shingles from the brand-new roof. The weather has been seasonably wet and rainy, and water, being water, has found the path of least resistance down, which instead of being down the shingles is now down through the plywood of the roof and down onto the suspended ceiling. It just so happens that Friday last we had a wonderous storm that lasted all day. I was allowed to leave early partly because I was done with my tasks and partly because our cracked-concrete/dirt composite parking lot was fast becoming a lake.

As I was leaving, I mentioned to AJ and to Vulgar Wizard that I could hear the water dripping in the ceiling. I should have stayed, because I'm told that very shortly therafter watery hell broke loose over my desk. Most everything was saved but for my desk calendar.

This morning I arrive to find my desk accoutremonts scattered around the office and out of harm's way, three acoustic tiles missing from the ceiling, large slabs of insulation here and there, and trash cans strategically placed on my desk to catch errant rain droplets, which thankfully have stopped.

The drawback to this arrangement? The attic of the building is, like most, open to the outside air via soffet vents and other carpentry tricks necessary to make an attic work. The outside temperature? 28, last I looked. The result? Not only is my desk scattered to pain and tarnation but there is an artic blast (quite literally) tumbling down out of the attic and onto my desk surface and the entire front area, for that matter. The heater? Blowing as hard as it can, but naturally physics is not our friend, and all that lovely hot air is rising rising rising right up to the attic, where it is doing me no good.

So where am I? I'm sitting in AJ's office, with my necessaries scattered hither and yon, trying to do my job, and learning just why it is that we see AJ so often in the front offices.


It's worse than sitting in a machine shop. I feel like I'm officing in a chicken coop with the fox right outside. Even with The Brandenburg Concerto running at fair volume I can't concentrate on numbers and visits. Instead I find myself being pulled hither and thither, accompanied by the cackling and giggling of most of an office-full of nurses.

I'm going insane. That's all there is to it. It's too farking noisy back here.

And I miss being able to joke with VW and Tobias when I want to, and I miss my printer being within easy reach, and I miss my view outside to the sunshine and the cars running back and forth like colourful beetles on the interstate. I miss the comfortable, familiar, efficient arrangement of my desk, and I most especially miss the quiet. When VW and Tobias and I work, it's done pretty quietly. Our jobs require a fair dose of concentration and accuracy, and quiet is the side-effect of concentration.

I'm going mad. I miss my desk.


Vulgar Wizard said...

Yeah, it's all quiet up front, until we start making bomb noises and saying "firnk" and "whoa" and shooting cardboard bullets at one another....


I am so sorry for your misery. Take 2 asa & call me in the morning.