Feb 8, 2006


Lost is on tonight.

I've heard that the writers are going to cut Anna Lucia from the show. Seems she's a prima dona, and the whole drunk-driving incident shines a bad light on the rest of the show, so they're giving her the axe.

I heard the actor who portrays Hurley on Bob & Tom this morning, and he says that they write the show about three episodes faster than the broadcasts, so it's likely to be soon. This is dreadful, the end must be near.

Maybe they could keep Anna Lucia as a love interest for Herr Doktor and they could kill Hurley off so that the newly-wed Doc and Anna could hollow him out and live in him.


Vulgar Wizard said...


Irrelephant said...

Yeah, I know. You'd have to be as engrossed as I am by this point, and that'd take a lot of viewing. Suffice to say that James/Saywer/Patch is a real arsehole, and that Locke needs to watch his back.

renegade said...

I really need to find that tape and watch Wednesday's show before the next one, but I have last Monday's 24 to watch first.

Oh, and the e that got bounced this week was the one about Patch, it was your bit that got it boomeranged at me.

And is Locke going to be the evil and Eko the good?

Death to Anna Lucia!