Feb 7, 2006

Talkies Tuesday - And Bob's Your Uncle

In which I hold forth about facial hair. I know, you can't wait to click that button, can you. Me, I'm still unsure if I should be audioblogging this early in the morning, because I seem to be awfully pedestrian this early.

BUT! Be sure and join our other pedestrians as THEY discuss their facial hair!

Vulgar Wizard gives us her opinion on women's roles in the development of facial hair as relates to important world events.

Hannibal The Hampster discusses the ramifications of infants wearing facial hair and the Chuck Norris sculpted look that has become all the rage in modern men's beards.

Strange Cousin Susan delves deeply into the whys and why nots of trimming facial hair into fanciful patterns, shapes and styles, as well as the use of chemical vs organic dyes on the chin.

and our newest member, Strange Cousin Susan's friend **HELP ME OUT HERE COUSIN SUSAN** whom I hope will join us this Tuesday, discussing the twelve reasons that beards look a darn sight like pubic hair.

this is an audio post - click to play

1 comment:

Mickey Glitter said...

Haven't seen any TT posts yet from her. I'll give it another week and drop her a line to make sure she got the email I forwarded.

And perhaps I should have pontificated more on fire's ability to singe one's hair, given my particular sitch at the moment. =)