Feb 2, 2006

The Well-Tempered Outboard

I say that because Vulgar Wizard is in her office singing along with George Thoroughgood And The Destroyers, and she keeps sputtering the "Buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-bahd" along with George, and in time with the music. Reminds me of a brand-new Evinrude outboard. Or a Louisiana Black Bear with one paw on the 'stutter' key of a Moog 1000 keyboard. Your choice.

Tattooing. Named for the rythymic tapping of a stick on a bone comb overheard in the Polynesian islands while the white explorers brought things like smallpox, alcohol, and venereal disease. Not gonna get into the history of tattooing, it's too long for a simple blogger like me. Anyway, the thing is, I want some more pigment. I've been wanting some more pigment, the problem being the two factors in my way. The first, naturally, is the money, but the second is my own reticence to leap into anything that permanent. I don't think I've spent anything less than a year planning any prior tattoo of mine. Some of them, like the next four or five I've planned, have been planned for years and years now, as a side effect of factor #1. But it's nice, because when I finally have time and opportunity to GET tattooed, it's something I've had plenty of time and opportunity to think out, redesign, and in general make certain that it's what I want.

So for right now I just want more pigment.

How about a list?

Tattoos Irrelephant Is Waiting On Money For:
  • another tribal rook
  • a tribal coyote
  • a rocking horse/carousel giraffe
  • a pair of Ganesh designs on my calves
  • my sleeve of leaves and twigs
  • my other sleeve of desert scenes
  • my back piece.
Durn, I've got more planned out than I thought I did.

Ah, the joy of lists. *lol*


Mickey Glitter said...

Do tell about the other tats you've got! I've got a new one in mind, but I'm not sure where I'll have it done yet. Areas of my body where I can show it off when I want and hide it when I must are becoming very expensive real estate!

Oh, and then there's the possible lip piercing, or the area between my lower lip and my chin. =)

Regal Monkey said...

I'm all about the rocking horse/carousel giraffe. Scrap the Ganesh... old ex had huge ganesh on one thigh... took up practically his whole thigh. Enough! Really, do what you want!