Mar 9, 2006

Pundits, Rapscallions and Ruffians, Oh My!

People are strange. It can't be said any plainer.

People are the cheapest entertainment. I can spend an entire day sitting in the Mall just watching the people walk by. That is, if I have an entire day to sit in the Mall, which I haven't in forever, but still.

When I worked at a local home theater store, I would eat lunch across the street at the Mall's food court. There was a horrid, Tammy-Faye Bakerish girl who was there every single day with her boyfriend and parents, and every day she'd be dressed like a $5 hooker on Nickel Night. And every day I'd watch her, feeling revulsion at someone who could behave like that. I still wonder who was judging the other. And all things considered, she was just a girl.

When I was working at Toys Backward R Us I met a guy named Frank who was the grizzliest of the grizzled. If someone had told me that Frank had killed and eaten a rat out of his house just as an object lesson to the other rats I would have believed them instantly. If someone told me that Frank had chewed his wife's foot off one evening after a drunken fight with her I'd have asked him what toenails taste like. But he was just a guy.

I know a guy who, when he was a young man was an opinionated, snot-nosed punk. He grew up, had a bad relationship, had a good one, had a baby, a good job, went to war and came back again. Now he's a changed man; you can see the grown man in him now. Underneath it all, though, he's no different from a million other guys.

We're all just people. Famous people, rich people, people of note mostly fail to impress me these days. They're just people. Granted they're more often than not strange or interesting, but they're just people. They crap just like we do, they fight with their spouses just like we do, and in the end they're nothing more than a heap of carbon, water, and some minerals, all animated by a small charge of electricity.

Just like we are.


Vulgar Wizard said...

Oh, God, I remember Frank. Ick! Even my husband knows Frank!!!! ARGH!

Vulgar Wizard said...

Just think of it, ladies. Brad Pitt takes big ol' stinky craps!!!