Mar 7, 2006

Talkies Tuesday - Jack Dingoskidney

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Be sure and join us today for what promises to be an extraordinarily exciting and deeply biological day! Today's Talkies Tuesday will deal primarily with the socioeconomic and psychodynamic impact of dingo's kidneys on the development of Modern Man. Be sure and join all the Talkies Tuesdayites as we delve into this exciting and unfashionable bit of knowledge.

Marvel! as Irrelephant discourses on the beauty of the simple dingo's kidney.

Gasp! as Vulgar Wizard delivers a shocking expose' on the thriving Ethoropian trade in dingo's kidneys and kangaroo chaudrons.

Heave! as Hannibal The Hamster takes on a dozen bloodthirsty dingo's kidney fanciers at a fashionable British restraunt.

Gargle! as Strange Cousin Susan composes yet another of her epic masterwork operas, this one entitled "Dingo's Kidney Lands On Free Parking."


Explosion Evasion Tactic! as Leesepea delivers a scathing rebuttal against Senator Andrew "Slack Jaw" McHugebig's inflamatory seventeen hour filibuster concering allegations of levees in New Orleans being constructed entirely of substandard dingo's kidneys.

Filter poisons out of your bloodstream, Mister?


Mickey Glitter said...

Dude, where do you come up with these great posts? =)

Irrelephant said...

Right out of my arse, dear, right out of my arse.