Mar 15, 2006

Things That Lead You To Me

A fast check at Google World Domination Headquarters tells me that this is how some of you have found me:

vw cranks but doesn't start
I can see that. VW from Vulgar Wizard, who gets more props from me in this blog than most anyone else. And VW can be fairly cranky, too, but she often starts. Starts fights, starts shit, starts a ruckus...*lol*

Yeah, I've mentioned them a few times, but I certainly hope you weren't looking for anything other than "My gawd the azaleas are too tall."

woid boys
Wha? I don't even know what brought that one on.

john krisfalusi
Oh yeah, I miss Ren And Stimpy. Seasons 1 and 2 only, please; I'm a purist.

magna blows grey exhaust
Man, that blows.

William Butler Yeats essay World War I symbolism "The Second coming"
Whoa. Symbolism, here? Maybe I said something about some rough beast slouching toward Bethlehem.

ovipositor cricket
Yeah, that's pretty easy. I recall an entire three month period during the Great Cricket Invasion of 2005 wherein I wrote about once a day about crickets. I'm starting to see them again already, so it should be pretty interesting for you cricket-fanciers out there.

Again, that's another interesting stretch. Renegade from Renegade Knits, my syster's rarely-updated blog, and motorcyles, that's pretty straight forward. Spinning wheels? Uhm...that's more Renegade's balliwick.

animals that start with the leter q
I thought "animals" started with the letter "a."

all riddles.. i have an apple i can't cut, a blanket i can't fold and so much money i can't count it...what am i?
Eat up with the dumbass? Heck if I know. How did that get you to me?

lessee bon temp rouler, that's not it. Maybe Carnivale had something to do with it. It's past Fat Tuesday now, though, so times they be lean, mon.

what's blue and doesn't fit
Uhm, perhaps a size S Speedo?

bowled o'dinga
I hope they were looking for Monty Python references, because the only cricket I enjoy is usually pretty short, dark, and multi-legged, and has nothing to do with wickets.

large + sexy
Why thank you, but I didn't buy you anything.

what is a crickets ovipositor
It's that little pointy bit at the end of a cricket's arse. I certainly hope you weren't working on your grade school science project.

graphs on Flemish Giants - Growth
Okay, so this one beats the hell out of me. I don't even have the vaguest clue as to what I wrote about Flemish Giants. I don't even know what a Flemish Giant is. Perhaps I need to Google it.

handy andy antique two wheeled garden tractors
Yes, I know I write about tractors a lot. I deal with the family International Harvester a lot, but two-wheeled? Wha?

Show me about the Elephant skills
I've got MAD Elephant skills, let me just tell you now. As to showing you? For that the rates are a little higher.

miami ink cat tattooed a painting on a guys back puzzle pieces
Whoa. I like Kat von D a lot and all, in a sort of creepy Goth BBW pale skin sort of way, but the only puzzle piece guy I can think of is The Enigma (whom you really should Google up, he's interesting) and so far as I know Kat hasn't tattooed him on Miami Ink.

give you a group of three. One is sitting down and will never get up. The second eats as much as is given to him, yet is always hungry. The third goes away an
I give up, Bilbo. Why don't you finish your sentence first, then take the damned ring and get the hell out of my cave.

gray matter canned corn
Whoa. Brains in a can? Corn growing out of your skull? American Idol?

what is the difference between ibex adnd gazelle
Well, an ibex has a cooler name, a shaker hood scoop and a pair of racing stripes. Gazelles are almost like Impalas, but they're four door sedans, and have a more comfortable ride. And you spell "and" with one less 'd,' you mook. Again with the hopes that you aren't doing a school science project.

What's the most semi-aquatic weasel used in fashion?
Uhm...the Peruvian Boot Weasel?

boot weasel
See? Told you so.

The Fur Bike
Oh yeah, someone knew about The Fur Bike and went looking. Good on ya!

and lastly but not leastly, and strangely enough in the same post as The Fur Bike above,

Zen Flakes
I still haven't found Enlightenment, you bastards, and I swear I've eaten a jillion and a half bowls of the stuff. I'm crapping sandalwood beads here.

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