Mar 13, 2006

The Ultimate Test Of Cerebral Fitness

You know, there are times when I am profoundly glad that I live in the most advanced nation on the Earth. Then there are times when it makes me utterly sick.

This has to be the highest achievement of our civilization.

And I mean that as the two-edged sword that it is. On the one cheek hand it's the pinnacle of fashion and a perfect statement of wealth and "I have arrived" panache. It's cool as hell in a way; it makes me want to have a three-thousand dollar fire-engine red Kohler spaceship toilet and bidet to match, or an entire bathroom done in reds and blacks, so I could swap out rolls every few days and still match.

On the other hand it's utterly, pathetically ridiculous. What kind of (if you'll excuse the expression) assinine nincompoop (again with the puns) thought they'd be clever enough to manufacture toilet paper in red and black and sell it. And probably get disgustingly rich over it. Most of the world's population gets by on the equivalent of a plate of beans and rice every day for a family of four and doesn't even have clean drinking water or a house to put a toilet in, and yet in our country we wipe our asses with FASHION TOILET PAPER.

Jesus wept.


Vulgar Wizard said...

Hehehehehe, I blogged about the toilet paper, then I came over to your place to find that you'd done the same. LOL!

renegade said...

ignoring the subject. it's just odd, but i still have your copy of that album. the big vinyl one, no less.