Mar 8, 2006


Wednesday, March 8th, 2006

Department of Motor Vehicles
19249 Pissoir Ave.
Lower Slobovia, LA
Re: Restoration of driving priveliges

To Whom This May Concern:

On the 21st of February this year, I was accosted on the motorways of this great state of ours by a jack-booted hooligan who claimed to be a State Trooper. This thug made several disparaging comments concerning my parentage, my vehicle, and my driving ability, and then proceeded to write a total of seventeen tickets concerning my operation of said motor vehicle (a 1943 Nash Roadster convertible, license # 1P00NK7) and then proceeded to impound my vehicle.

I wish to complain most sincerely that I was entirely in the correct by operating my vehicle on the sidewalk, as the road was torn up for construction and it was only by inadvertant misadventure that I drove through the multiple water-filled barrels and orange-striped roadblocks. I am prepared to testify that I never saw the large "Bridge Out Ahead" sign.

Furthermore, I find myself in a large iron kettle over medium heat, with some shallots, anchovies, salt and vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil.

Arthur J. Prawn, M7


Vulgar Wizard said...



have you, Mr Prawn, been trying to visit my street. Terrible driving conditions, I say.