Apr 20, 2006

Flat As A

Flitter? Dime? Really flat thing? Lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut? No, too rural.

Today was strange. Somewhere between the time I woke up and the time I disembarked from Miranda at work I went flat. Emotionally I was non-existent. I don't know what caused it, don't know what brought it on. I had a good morning, the usual breakfast (a tall glass of tea and two cups worth of oatmeal with three small spoons of sugar on) and the outside temp hasn't reached the stage where it's constantly hot even at 6am, so the ride in was good.

Everyone but VW (and Detroit Rock City, who doesn't seem to want to be social with me, ever) seemed to be intensely curious as to what was wrong with me. And again, like VW said, it seems that when you're usually bouyant or crazed or whatever it is you'd like to classify me as and you have an off day everyone thinks your pissed or angry.

Simple fact is that I didn't care. I didn't care to share with anyone, didn't feel like talking, I simply wanted to get through the day so I could get home, work in the yard a little bit, get some supper and into my warm bed.

Which is calling me now. TTFN.

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The Ivory Pen said...

My sentiments exactly.