Apr 24, 2006

If Memory Serves

I was thinking today about long lost friends, about people lost to the vagarities of time and distance and sometimes choice.

I was thinking about the summer I spent as a light-bulb changer in the Red Light Districts of Amsterdam.

I was thinking about that time I got a wild hair and decided to make the world's largest sand castle (1:1 scale) out of Bimmini Atoll.

I was thinking about the time I held off an alien invasion of flesh-eating plants from Tau Ceti using only my wits, a half-smoked Camel cigarette (menthol) and a broken piece of kitchen chair.

Aaah, good times.

And I was thinking how suprised I am when I don't write for a while and the bitter, dark part of me says "Hey, don't worry, nobody is going to notice" and I find that I was quite wrong. It's good to be a regular feature of people's day, and good to know that my little blurps and rants I put out here for your perusal and inspection aren't falling like frogs out of the clear blue but are being accepted like loaves of fairly okay bread handed out by the servants during a lull in the gladitorial events, while the Koliseum Kleaning Krew drags off the bits and pieces of ex-Christians and the occasional pile of lion dung.

Yeah, it's been a strange day. I had the same sort of fits most of today, even after sleeping like a turtle in the sun all night last night. Sort of a somber mood, a general unhappiness with the day and myself. I think you guys are right--I need a little time to just go be me. Some time that does not in any way involve a Wal-Mart store, particularly their automotive department, and perhaps does involve some wood and power tools, or maybe a pirogue and a rod and reel. That'd be nice. I haven't been fishing in a very long time.

And maybe I just need to get my trunk from out my arse and get on with living life. *s*

Thank you, my Gentle Readers, for chiming in. You guys made me feel more important than a one-legged man's crutch at a three-legged race.



FISHING...did someone trumpet FISHING???? Gee that is something that has been flying around the ole grey locks for a while. That thing that involves frinds & others getting together & maybe having a little lunch while having a great deal of fun talking with each other OH & sometimes catching a fish on an errant line or two. My what a wonderful idea for a free weekend or something. What if the old Wall-Mart bug isn't calling you to cut, glue or pound something together. You get a line & I'll get a pole & .... I forget the rest of it. Oh well I must mosey to the barn to fix up a crib of hey...


Vulgar Wizard said...

Denny Crane.