Apr 9, 2006

Phone Pics

I have just become quite the meme-sort of guy. This time, it's phone pics.

You know how it is--you have a camera phone, way low resolution, but you can't help but use it. Guilty as charged, yer honor. Tonight I went and downloaded and then deleted everything to make room for more quick snaps, but I'm gonna share some of what I downloaded instead of just curling around them in a ball of pain and embarrassment.

This is from last year, sadly enough. It was the first little pretty flower of spring, some sort of little day-blooming thing which I should know it's name but don't, and so I snapped it's pic and used that for a background for, well, quite a while.

This would be my workstation. At least, that's my workstation the day that some construction doofus up around Natchitoches way cut Sprint's main data line into the city and we had no computers but PLENTY of free time. Toblerone spent a half hour or so listening to Vulgar Wizard and I sitting on the front porch making obscure jokes at each other, and she wrote each little obscure thing down on a sticky note.

Hilarity ensued.

(L) to (R) that'd be The Green Brain, a Maisto replica of my bike, now carefully detailed with Sharpie markers to exactly duplicate (almost) the real Strawberry Bitch II, and a 1/144th scale replica of a Fokker Eindecker triplace, in a colour scheme OTHER than that blood red one made famous by the imfamous Baron Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen.

Tantalising glimpse into the mind of Irrelephant, eh? Well temper your beating hearts, my children, I'll be presenting more as the days go on.

Thrilling, no?


Mickey Glitter said...

Looks like a morning glory to me, but I only know from the plants we've got growing up the side of the factory and those are pink. Every time I've tried to transplant one of the buggers here at the villa, it dies.

But my money's on a morning glory. =)

Irrelephant said...

You're completely right...I couldn't think of the dang name to save my life, but they grow like weeds (duh) around here in Springtime. One point to my strange cousin!