Apr 7, 2006


That's the scientific word for knowing where your body is in relation to everything else around you, via responses from your nerves.

It's that time again--that Friday Thing Where I Write A Single Sentence As Long And Incomprehensibly As I Can That Doesn't Have A Name Yet!

Wow, I almost had it there.

As he smeared his gloved hands in sterile jelly and lubed up the plastic enema nozzle Jerry sneered and wondered if this job was working out exactly as he had expected it to be when he entered medical school to become a nurse, hoping to serve people in need, his head full of grand ideas of making a real difference in people's lives, performing selfless tasks graciously day in and out, which made him think of his old day job years ago where, as a janitor in a porno shop he was Chief Mop Handler for the dozens of booths along the back wall, and it was during that fateful Friday evening that he had met the crazed old witch-woman with the great pair of legs, surprising for a woman of her advanced age, the same witch woman who, after Jerry had performed a certain service for her, had cast a magical spell over him to grant him his heart's desire, which got him into medical school, and he remembered with a grim determination to kick her in the teeth next time he saw her, as, administering the enema to the four-hundred pound constipated patient, he remembered her promise to him that day that, no matter what else happened, it would all come out in the end.

Wow, I am one seriously sick puppy!



Yes you are sir.

Caffeinated Mommy said...

I don't want to think of what service he could have provided for the witch-woman. *shudders*

Vulgar Wizard said...

Heheheheheheheeheheheheheheheeeee... hope everything comes out okay.

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