Apr 29, 2006

The Small Things

I've always held forth that the fullest expression of joy is to be found in the small things. So far I've been pretty accurate.

Through a long series of coincidental occurances and maybe a spritz of my winning personality I found myself standing in a radio station broadcast studio Friday morning. Vulgar Wizard thoughtfully allowed me to skip two and a half hours out of work that morning to spend some time with my newfound friends Ron & Riley of the Q Morning Show, specifically during my favourite broadcast time, 8 to 10 am for Flashback Friday, music of the 80's and early 90's.

And yes, like Riley said in an email to VW, I was like a kid in a candy store. Everything was new, everything was interesting, and to see it all happen in real life was even better. Watching Ron manipulate the morning's playlist on a touch-screen monitor, watching the strobe light flicker to indicate someone was on the request line, even watching Riley announce the day's forecast took on a whole exquisite fullness--I knew all this stuff was happening in some remote, vague sort of way, but to actually SEE it happening was a whole other world.

And after about an hour I couldn't stand it anymore and had to ask Ron if I could go on the air, he agreed, and Riley plugged in a microphone for me and we were off. I only got two or three good runs actually on the air but it was like a lifetime of effort being paid off--my voice was being broadcast out over the airwaves at a frequency of 93.1 Mhz at 100,000 watts, and I was issuing from the speakers of thousands of cars and radios and headsets across quite a few parishes.

What a cool feeling. I felt like Marconi with a sense of humour.

Riley even brought me to the production room, a place she seems to haunt a lot, where she was very quickly but accurately plugging in Ryan Seacrest's station ID clips into the weekend's upcoming American Top 40 broadcast, and she even showed me the secret of her evening show, Q2, where she plays real rock, some alternative, all sorts of goodies that aren't bubblegum pop, and I found out how she can broadcast that show from 10pm until 2am while she is at her other job--it's all prerecorded and set up. Again, I knew a fair bit of radio was prerecorded, but I had no idea how much, and how it was done--what a wonderfully eye-opening experience that was.

I'm strange that way, I guess. I can be such a cynic sometimes, but then there are occasions when I really want to and am able to suspend my cynicism to such a point that everything is new, everything is exciting, and I am that kid in a candy store again, eyes agog at the infinite variety of new and exciting things.

It was tremendous fun, that's all I can say, all I shall repeat. To interact with them both on the air live; that they both trusted me enough to let me on the air live and not pre-recorded, all of it added up to such a phenomenally good time and such a huge ego boost.

Now I begin plotting and planning with Riley for the Triumphal Friday Morning Takeover and the advent of The Riley And Paul Show!



Mickey Glitter said...

Ain't it great?? =) Sounds like you had a blast - that's sweet.

The Ivory Pen said...

Wish I could have heard you.

Nancy Dancehall said...

Do they record their shows during the broadcast? Might be worth asking if you can get a copy, and post your bits for those non-Louisiana-dwelling fans of yours.

Vulgar Wizard said...

I'm sure that Ron probably records EVERYTHING for posterity.....

I wanna get my hands on one of those prerecorded Q2 shows since I can't stay up Monday through Friday from 10 until 2. That would be so awesome!!!!