Apr 5, 2006

What The Hell?

What a long, strange trip it's been.

I love that line. Have loved it ever since the day that I realised how neatly it sums up a lot of the aspects of my life, both in micro- and macroscopic focus.

Most of my Sunday, all of my Monday and by default a good part of my Tuesday was taken up with a corporate...function. It was called by the corporation a spirit renewal time, and seemed to combine both extensive travel and long distances with a high-school Meet-And-Greet, only with a lot of alcohol and catering.

I can't figure it, you see. And I don't mean this necessarily as a complaint against the company, because I know for a fact that they're taking necessary steps to decrease spending, but dang, the lay-out for this dance party must have been phenomenal. Mix in Delta Airlines (I'd sooner die than ride in another Delta aircrap)and their signature way of doing business (fast and dirty and the passenger be damned) and it all adds up to an Irrelephant-sized headache.

Did I mention that it's almost impossible to walk from one concourse in Atlanta's airport? Even when you use the slidewalks? And that Delta should be taken out en masse and shot?

It's funny how my mind is refusing to work well enough right now for me to blog about it? I was so angry at the way we were treated, and right now I'm too out of it to form a coherent thought that it's probably not the best time to be blogging.

The 'rent just called and said that the telephone repairman is wanting to get into the house to tell me that it's one of my phones and not their lines that is making that incredibly loud roaring static sound in our phone lines, and that of course there will be a huge charge for this service. Me, I'm tempted to tell Ma Bell to fuck off and start using just my cellular, but Sprint ain't all that and a cup of coffee, either. Seems that they've learned how to channel their signal so that it only follows the course of major highways, so that once you leave the main road the signal turns to "Analog Roaming" after you've travelled more than 50' away.

I guess I need to just regroup and recollect.

Yesterday VW very thoughtfully gave me the day off. Actually she gave me the day off at about 10:30 the night before, while we both sat in a sweltering hot aircraft on the runway of Atlanta International, but you get the picture. I didn't wake up until very late in the morning, and I ended up spending most of my day puttering in the yard with my flowers and my bulbs, digging in the brown dirt with hands and tools, and it was during the hour or so that I was squatting down on the driveway, sun-hat on, nippers working slowly and carefully on a rosebush that I realised how very happy I was.

Even after busting knuckles and pouring used oil all over the driveway after a motorcycle maintenance I still had an unbeatably positive outlook because I was outside, the weather was perfect, and I was doing things with my hands that changed my world.

I guess I need a job as a handyman or as a jack-of-all-trades.

I know for certain that I need to regather my thoughts and try this whole blogging thing again.

My apologies for missing TT; my phone at home was (and is) still thick with static, and my cellular was then (not now) dead from a lack of battery, and I didn't want to spend any time inside trying to find the charger.

So. Fragmented thoughts aside, I'll talk to you guys again soonest.

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