May 8, 2006

The 2006 Census

You gotta love a pun. You'll see in a second.

I know that as humans we always take things for granted. It seems to be hardwired into us, some sort of throwback from the "Quest For Fire" days. If something doesn't represent a threat to us, we ignore it, much like we ignore the wonderous input of all the hundreds of senses we have. (See? Pun. You're welcome, Nancy.)

"Hundreds," you query? You betcha. Attend me:

We have, other than smell, sight, taste, hearing and touch, the senses of:

  • accomplishment

  • duty

  • right

  • impending doom

  • astonishment

  • humour

  • dignity

  • honour

  • irony

And let's not forget common sense, second sense, second sight, and second breakfast.

And that, Your Honour, is where I gave out about two weeks ago. I had a good seed idea but nowhere to go with it, so as I usually do I didn't let something as silly as having nothing to write about stop me and I went ahead and launched right into it, got a few good rib-ticklers in there, and then washed up on the desolate shores of I Don't Know Where To Go With This One Island, so I left it there and caught the next train back to town and got on with my life.

But you see, I'm the sort of guy who can't let a lying dog sleep, so I had to go back in a Zodiac (I'm a Virgo, what sign are you?) and get the poor thing before it was lost forever, much like the only other post I've ever abandoned, that one about two months ago where I was trying to talk about the joys of old things, re: my truck and getting the dash working again, but before I could finish the post I realised that the repair guys had (*gasp in surprise*) not actually done all the job they said they did, so that post got abandoned as did that garage.

And now that I've gotten you completely turned around, and perhaps gotten your sense of direction all screwed out of whack I'm gonna leave you with this:

Firnk. (I don't have access here to the lovely Firnk Button that VW designed for me, so just imagine it.)

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